Looking Back

This would be the first entry of this new blog of mine, written on the last day of the year 2005.

I’m very grateful that my parents are over in KL to usher in the year together with me and my sister. Pappy has already “booked” us one week in advance. We will be going for countdown and then watch “King Kong” tomorrow. Pappy bought Gold Class tickets because the rest were sold out and he just can’t wait any longer. It would be my first Gold Class ticket ever!

Now, it’s time to look back on what happened in Year 2005.

January: Attended my first job interview. Got myself a boyfriend. Woohoo!

February: Attended a few more interviews. Flew back home during Chinese New Year. Foo Foo came into my life (She’s the cutest toy rabbit I’ve ever seen.)

March: Secured my first job totally out of my field of studies. Didn’t really care because what matters is I’ve got a job.

April: My graduation day. Pappy got me a new mobile phone – Nokia 3230. Wee!

May: Working very hard.

June: Received my confirmation letter and my new car. Ate the most special plate of Nasi Goreng Pattaya because someone painted “HAI SAYANG” on the omelette. Eeeee!

July: I turned 23 and my manager, supervisor and colleagues celebrated my birthday at TGIF.

August: Working even harder.

September: Went for a 10 day trip to Eastern Europe with my family. Was awarded “E-Commerce Performer” for month April- August.

October: Starting to hate my job.

November: Sick and tired of my job. Signed up for gym.

December: Received my first bonus.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad a year even though I’ve been quite bitter, angry and upset many a times at work. It has been quite an experience and it’s just the beginning of it. Starting a new day everyday is made easier with the support and love of family, friends, loved ones and readers. I hope the new year brings even more excitement and fulfilment.

Happy New Year to all of you!


  • JoeC says:

    Hey! new year new blog eh? as we move on, there are times to make decisions to grow and take up new challenges, may you have a fullfilling new year ahead…..

    Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

  • Grace says:

    JoeC: Yeap, for a change. Wishing you a promising new year filled with goodies!

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