I Love Angela Aki!

….I really do love her voice, her songs, her music, her…playing the piano.

Wanted to blog last night but the server was down.

Have to blog tonight because will not be blogging a few days after that. Will tell you why tomorrow.

My parents are here. They flew in from Sandakan today.

The first question my mum asked me when I stepped into the house after coming back from work was, “Grace, do you have a boyfriend or not?”

Oh My God! Ahahaha.

I said, “No.”

“Nobody wants you ah?”


Pappy came back a few minutes later, from his game of tennis. He pointed to the DVD he bought. Happy Feet! Pirated one.

“Pa, have you watched it?”

“Grace, what does the ending mean?”

“Hmm…it means human won’t be taking away the fishes from the penguins anymore.”

“But it could mean another thing, you know? Those human will be taking all the penguins and putting them into the museum.”

I think when he said museum, he was actually referring to a zoo.

“Because those penguins can dance.”

Then, Pappy tapped his feet.

Oh My God! Ahahaha.

That’s all for now…because I’m sleepy!


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