Dance of the Dragon

I came back today after dinner with Iris and then drop dead straight on the sofa and slept for an hour. Yea, I was that tired.

Had a late night last night as I went to the movies after work with Iris. Do you know that I’m killing off bit by bit of her cravings and to-do-list in Malaysia before she goes back to the UK? So, one of the things listed in her to-do-list is to watch a movie with me. The last time we did that was to watch Ratatoulie last year. Yesterday night we went for “Dance of the Dragon” starring Singaporean Fann Wong and Korean Jang Hyuk and Jason Scott Lee. Nice! It is the kind of movie that allows you to just sit back and absorb the mood, emotions, script.

Moving at some parts which made me cry one or two drops, and suddenly it will also remind me of the missing boyfriend who is treating me like I’m non-existent. I like this kind of movie because it helps to release stress in a way. When you watch a movie and you cry a bit, you feel so very good after that. I got home at midnight and slept at about 1am, which explains why I jumped straight onto the sofa today after work and slept! But it did help to cure the soul a little. At least, I felt better today, about work, about life, about everything.

Watching movies can inspire, motivate you at times. 🙂


  • gracieq says:

    I agree with you. A movie does help absorb the stress away. Furthermore, it does not require you to think much. 😀

    gracieqs last blog post..Jumping into the blogging bandwagon

  • Vern says:

    I recently watched Run Fat Boy, Run. A little late, I know – but that’s the cool thing about DVDs I guess. Can’t get enough of British wit and sarcasm – the whole movie was funny yet inspiring (sometimes stupid) but overall – it was a great movie.

    You’re right, certain movies do help. I was actually quite stressed up studying all day – watching the movie made me feel a whole lot better. If that fat boy can run a marathon, then this lazy person can study too. 😛

    I’m waiting for someone in campus to share Dance of the Dragon. 😉

  • cbenc12 says:

    just wondering, did u ever think of going to UK wif ur sis? get a job there or just travel around.. ?

  • cc says:

    I find movie watching very relaxing too. I see it as an opportunity to escape to another world sometimes. :d:d/

  • Grace says:

    gracieq and cc: Yes, the latest movie I watched after that was Money Not Enough 2. If you understand Mandarin and Hokkien, you should catch this too, started off funny, a bit boring, but then turns into a movie that teaches you a lesson or two. Liked it.

    Vern: I’ve not watch Run Fat Boy, Run. I’ll try to watch it if I can get hold of any DVD.

    ben: I for one am very Asian to be able to live long term in the UK. Did a bit of travelling around there but just makes me feel countrysick (homesick). Furthermore, I cannot be away from Malaysia if I can because I need to be closer to my parents since Iris is already going to be there. Possibility of her being there permanently is there. One of us need to be around, at least that’s what I think.

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