Day 8: Food Fiesta



…and EAT!

Prawn. Fish. Crab. Shell. Eat these almost everyday to a point where I’m a bit scared just looking at a prawn! I’ve always love fish so it’s fine. I can go with fish everyday.

We had lobster today. I didn’t want it because I felt like so tired of eating anything related or looking like a prawn but Pappy insisted, saying I won’t get to eat lobster like this in KL. So he bought 2 fresh lobster from Sim Sim. Fresh as in they are still alive when we bought it.  2 lobsters for RM20. Very very good deal!

After dinner, there was a lion dance at one of the restaurants. This lion is neither the lompat-lompat kind nor the kopek limau kind, it’s the DRINKING BEER kind. hehe

Can’t write much. Need to sleep earlier. Need to catch a flight.

Sandakan..I will always love you.

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