You Take Care of Grace, Okay?

Last night, when I was about to sleep, Mummy came into the room.

She climbed onto the bed and was on top of me. I was wrapped in my blanket. All sweet and cuddly.

“Where’s Ducky?” She asked.

I pulled her out underneath the warm blanket, out of her comfort zone, grabbed her by the neck and directed it to look at Mummy.

“Ducky, you must take good care of Grace, okay? Make sure she makes her bed. I will see you in Sandakan.” Mummy asked Ducky a favour.

I listened, Ducky listened too as I made her nod her head.

Mummy is cute, isn’t she?

I told Iris about it and learned that Mummy did the same thing to her too. She asked Pooh bear to take care of Iris, make sure she would not be naughty.

As usual, I feel like crying while writing this because Mummy and Pappy flew back to Sandakan today and I always would cry a little each time they fly back. But it’s okay because I’m flying back too, when Chinese New Year comes, which also happens to be the only motivation for me to go to work everyday. It’s easier when you target something to have something to look forward to.

This morning, I was very sleepy and I had running nose, which made me even sleepier. We packed McDonald’s for lunch with some other colleagues and ate at the pantry.

A senior colleague then said, “Why ar? I don’t understand you know? Why you can not talk and just listen?”

Why cannot?

She was just trying to say I’m quiet, which I am and you could say I’m the most non-talkative of all. She has been commenting about it not the first time today but several times already throughout the period I’m working here.

I’ve been thrown this question for two decades now by various people. Well, if you know me well enough, you would know that once I really feel comfortable talking to you, then I would talk enthusiastically and excitedly. But if I really don’t feel like talking or the topic just doesn’t interest or relate well to me, I sometimes prefer listening to what others have got to say. I don’t like to simply crap for the sake of crapping, which I know some people do, I see it in my office as well. I don’t know whether it has got to do with working life but I just can’t bring myself to do it. If I feel like saying something then I would. Else, I think it’s best to remain silent.

But I know sometimes I’m just a bit too cool lar, so people would feel weird.

Then, there’s this piece of article someone cut down from the Sun newspaper and stuck it on the pantry’s whiteboard. It’s called, “One Night at the Call Centre”, which happens to be a book written by Chetan Bhagat. (Click here for the article, which is the same as published in The Sun.) . It wrote, “This is to the CCC gurlz and Mr.Boss”. So, we, the CCC gurlz couldn’t help but to read it. I might want to check out this book, looks interesting to me. It would be like reading my own story.

After work, it was time for gym. Went for the Body Combat class again today. It was fun minus the slight cramp on both sides of my butt. I always get that whenever I do Body Combat (which is only two times for now) and I also get it each time I go swimming, the moment I push my body down towards the water and then pulling it up again once my legs reached the bottom of the pool. I know it could be due to lack of warming up exercise but I think it has got to do with not having enough vitamin. Calcium perhaps.

Masa tidak mengizinkan. It’s time for bed now and I’ll stop writing. Sleep tight!

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