Purple Wabbit

what is it?

This is a personal blog. And I mean very personal because I talk a lot about how I feel. It’s a collection of short stories of my own. What stories are best to tell, if they are not yours? Okay, if you’re lucky, you might see a rabbit hopping by.

who writes it?

It just so happened to be someone who loves to write and at the same time obsessed with bunnies. Especially brown ones. However, she’s not obsessive enough to call this site, “brownwabbit”.

why is she doing it?

When you have so many ideas in your head and so many things you want to do in your heart, you got to put them into action which subsequently would become a reality. This is what triggered it to come about.

when it all started?

1st Jan 2006. Previously, I was blogging somewhere else for 3 years.

where did the name come from?

The name “Purple Rabbit” came into my mind when I was seated in the office toilet and I just knew this is going to be the one. However, “Purple Rabbit” is already taken so I named it “Purple Wabbit” instead. Weally, I’m not kidding.

how did she manage to pull it off?

You need to possess a bunny attitude, whatever that means.

A young boy (I’m old, comparatively) with a very kind soul, Siah, allowed me to park my space on his virtual host and helped me register this domain name. Thanks Siah!

The journey from then on would very much depend on me, along with helpful and supportive people.

If you like to read, please continue :

Run, Bunny. Run! These three words are inspired by the hopping scene of the brown bunny towards me each time I come back from college as I stood by the kitchen door. What happened was it came out of nowhere and was hanging around the backyard of the house of my rented room. Expected it to be claimed back by its owner but no one came and it didn’t go away. It became my bunny, right from the day I chased her round and round the backyard with an umbrella as I was trying to shelter from the rain. She was afraid of me and so I gave up running around like a fool.

Running around with an umbrella most probably scared her so I figured a carrot would help, which did. Then, it grew from carrots, to more greens, even apples and grapes. She is one spoilt bunny I must say.

It became my ultimate companion as I tell her stories of my adventures in college, people that I met, when I cried in front of her after I got mugged by a stupid motorcyclist. It gave me the most happiest moments even though there wasn’t a word she uttered nor a sound made. Yeah, rabbits are very quiet but very good listeners. Think Allison Krauss’s / Ronan Keating’s “When You Say Nothing at All”.

All good things have to come to an end but I must say it ended rather abruptly for me. It was a short 4 months before Bunny died in a car crash in the middle of one night. My cousin sisters, then housemates, including my right neighbour knew about her death but me. I was the last to know when my cousin sister broke the news to me while I was having dinner. Couldn’t finish the plate of rice I was having. Ran upstairs to my bedroom and cried a river. I cried for days. Then, the sight of the very last carrot in the refrigerator triggered more tears a few days later.

I don’t know whether I’ll have anymore bunny because I can’t bear having go through the grief again. But the poignant sight of a running bunny (she hops really fast so I call it running) would always stay with me.

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