She’s 21!

Went to work with a very dry throat. Thanks to the crying I did to myself and the lack of sleep due to crying so hard.

I had to clear my throat for every call that I answer. Pretty annoying I must say. Today, I had to juggle between English and Malay version greeting. Like if the screen says “1”, I must say Good morning. If it says “2”, Selamat Pagi that is. Until it came to a point, I had to think of what to say after I was on the line with the customer. There better not be any “3” because then I’d need to say “Zao An”.

Things aren’t getting any better and I would say it’s turning from bad to worse. And it can go downhill somemore. Mr.Boss informed us of what we’ll be going through for the next few months. Just thinking about it gives you a headache so I don’t dare imagine being in the real thing itself.

So if another new girl or guy asks me the question I dread to answer, “How it is like working here?” I would say I don’t have any comments.

It has come to a point where customers are in pain and agony, in which they inflict it upon you. Let’s say you’ve got 50 calls in a day? 50 customers. 50 times of pain and agony. I need a bullet-proof heart. They call but I have no answer for them but apologies and empty assurance. Even if things are not going to be done really soon, you still need to give a minimum form of assurance. You can’t just say, “I don’t know.” (Even though I really don’t know, you see?)

The nice ones would understand that the one answering the calls have no power in delivering certain things that they want immediately because it has to be escalated to another party. One customer called and I simply knew I have no others words to say to her plus the fact that she’s been calling and calling and calling. She understood my situation as well. We both laughed on the phone because there was nothing else to say, nothing that we could do but WAIT.

Another one, whose name is Grace called to ask me a very good question. One that I don’t have answers to yet. I couldn’t get the answer for her today so I just called to tell her I’ll call her tomorrow for an answer. She said okay. Mr.Boss also doesn’t know the answer to it when I asked him just now. No one knows actually. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get an answer for Grace tomorrow. I can’t disappoint someone who shares the same name as me.

Forget about work, I’m just counting the days before I’m flying home. Tomorrow – 1 more day. Next week – 3.5 days. 4.5 more days. I’m looking at the calendar more than once a day in the office. Tomorrow, I’m going to label it as “I’m flying home”. Ah ha!

Sent colleagues home and I rushed to the nearest bakery to get a cake. It’s called Chocolate Lady.

It’s Iris’s birthday today. I only manage to get her a cake, which took her by surprise since she wasn’t expecting any because I told her I would only get her a gift later.

I was the only one singing the birthday song and then we hugged. She then rushed off to celebrate her birthday with many other people, leaving her sister at home to dwell in her own sorrow. Oh hoho!

Happy Birthday Iris! This may be the last birthday I’ll be here to celebrate for you before you leave for UK this September. I’ll be all alone by then again. *sob sob*

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