Reunion Dinner

Mummy: Do you want to go to the market?
Little Grace: Which market?
Mummy: Dirty market.
Little Grace: Doh wan!

I woke up at 6am today to accompany Mummy to the market to get ingredients to cook for the reunion dinner tonight. Pappy tagged along too. I used to call the wet market, dirty market I because well, yeah it’s dirty. Each time I go with Mummy when I was still a little girl, I would make my way through the fish stalls with much care, trying to avoid the puddle of mud.

That was why I didn’t really like going to the “dirty” market. I prefer the “super”market.

Times have changed and people change. I love to go to the dirty market now. I like to go to any market.

After that, it was breakfast at Mile 1.5 market. Nice!

The rest of the day was spent decorating the house and tweaking this site of mine.

Called a friend to see what she was doing. Then, another friend called me in return. I haven’t talk to her for a long time since she’s now working in Canada.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to call a friend who’s in Australia now. She’s not coming back to celebrate Chinese New Year here so I thought of sending her greetings from Sandakan. Thanks to the IDD Card I got as a lucky draw during my company’s annual dinner. I have RM250 of talking time. 😉

It’s 12 midnight now and it’s a wonder to hear dogs barking at the strike of 12. It’s like they know it’s their year!

I know it’s my year this year. I hope this year would be a good year.

Kong Hey Fatt Choy!

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