CNY Day 3: Hot Chocolate and a Love Story

Met up with a friend today who’s two years younger than me. We only get to meet once a year which is during Chinese New Year. Sometimes I like talking to people a few years younger than me because they give you a different perspective on life, most of the time very positively. I learn a lot from them too.

He told me a rather surprising story, about going out with someone 4 years elder than him for 2 years already and still going strong.

Just listening and looking at his smiling face, I could sense how happy he is. And I’m happy about that.

I, too once despise the idea of going out with someone younger than me. I would want someone who’s older because it would mean that he is someone who’s mature enough to protect and guide me better.

However, when you fall in love with someone who’s younger, you will think about that “idea” you have planted in your mind for so long and at the same time, thinking whether the age factor really matters.

Having gone through that, I think it doesn’t really matter to me. Maybe because the age difference wasn’t that big as 4 years in the case of my friend’s relationship. But I think what really matters is being able to get along well with one another.

I like having heart to heart conversations like these. It’s like going home with a heart-warming story to be remembered.

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