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My name is Grace. I love to think myself to be amazing so that people would call me “Amazing Grace”.I was born and bred in Sandakan, Sabah, The Land Below the Wind. People often mistake us to live on trees but we don’t and we get pretty offended when getting remarks as such.

I am a Chinese. Teo Chiew descendant. 24 years old.

Single and still searching for her soul.

I am currently residing in Kuala Lumpur. I came to this big city for further studies right after Form 5. Enrolled myself in a Mass Communication course because I love to write and hoping that it would bring me somewhere. However, I quit after a month’s time because I figured I’m not built with the kind of material to survive longer in it. I used to be painfully timid and shy. I wrote in a journal to my lecturer which is part of the assignment that I wouldn’t be able to continue doing Mass Communication because it isn’t really my cup of tea.

Transferred myself into a Business foundation after much begging from the Head of the School Department because she was reluctant to make the transfer for me, telling me I wasn’t going to make it as I am going to start afresh while everyone’s already in their mid semester. I proved them all wrong by surviving it and came out with all As. I thought that was pretty amazing.

Computing was one of the subjects I enjoyed thoroughly during my foundation course which what brings me to get a degree in Information Technology. Programming almost killed me but I managed to survive that too.

I was previously working in a field which is totally out from what I’ve studied. It happens, doesn’t it? I worked in a Call Centre of a shipping line. Not exactly the kind of job I envisioned myself to be in but people say not to be too choosy especially on your first job so that’s why I was there, even though I always question myself on why I’m there.

For work, I answer incoming calls from various kinds of people, some with rather interesting characters – you either love them or have them drive you nuts. You get screwed once in a while by customers whether or not it is your mistake or problem. It’s just natural when you are part of a front line soldier. It is not easy talking to people. That’s why there are times that you got to take it as rock music. Sometimes I like my job, sometimes I don’t.

I’m into my 2nd job now as a System Support in a healthcare company. On a different path to discover what I truly love to do, I’m not there yet and I’m sure one day I’ll be doing something I enjoy doing.

I fly back to my hometown once a year during Chinese New Year with my duck. She’s a plush toy and her name is Ducky. Mummy says I never grow up since I’m always hugging my duck to sleep everynight but I don’t really care because you should do the things you love and this is one of them. At times, she studies and watches TV with me too. Unfortunately, I can’t bring her to work because it’ll freak out my boss.

Favourite hangout place would be the bookstore, music store, cinema, cafes, gym, swimming pool and above all my house. Exceptionally happy when buying herself a cup of Iced Chocolate (Happier if someone buys her one!), having read a good book, writing her soul out, getting a snail mail, when she flies home and drinking a bowl of hot soup.

Prefers listening than talking. Appears calm but always panicking inside.

Suffers from zit. Walks like a penguin. Blushes too easily.

Very shy. Only loud when she writes.

That’s me.

Last updated: 1st July 2006

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