You Look So Thin

Mr.Singaporean called me today. It was just destined for me to receive his call.

I spelt out his booking number even before he could say anything.

“Wah, you can still remember ar?”

I giggled. “Of course!”

“Wait, let me check for you.”

*type type type*

“It’s loaded onto the vessel.”

“You sure or not?”

“I’m sure. If you don’t trust me, you can track it online.”

Perhaps it was just too good to be true for him.

I’ve decided to take things a little slower today so that I don’t grow old that fast or have high-blood pressure. It’s the usual Monday blues. For the past week, I’ve been making lots of action in the office, by just sitting at my desk.

Like if one customer calls and I know it’s going to be lots of nagging, I would put my fingers on my forehead as in meditating. Then, if I would land my hands on my chins. Or punching on the table without any pressure or noise.

It’s only today that some people realised that we cannot cope. It takes someone outside to give them a good knock on their heads to enlighten them. Let’s see after the knocking, what would transpire.

In the pantry..

“Grace, why you look so thin?”


“Yes, you look thinner now.”

“Maybe I’m just stressed.”

I’m in need for a holiday soon. The weekend is just too short.

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