Hello Penang!

I left the office at 5pm sharp to get on to a taxi that would bring me to the airport.

The taxi driver’s name is Khalid, who speaks very good English and seems to be a very kind person too.

I was feeling a little afraid at first about this whole Penang trip because it’s my first trip being away on my own, to some place that I’m not familiar with. But as I left the office, all I felt was excitement. I can’t wait to reach Penang.

Reached KLIA in 40 minutes. Checked in. They gave me the first row of economy class. 5F. Next to the window. Cool!

Went makan in the airport even though I wasn’t hungry because I know I would be very hungry once I get to Penang if I don’t eat now.

Boarded the plane and guess what? I have the right Row 5- 5D, 5E and 5F all to myself.

Zoomed out of the plane since I was seated at the first row and then zoomed out to get a taxi.

Reached Gurney Hotel and checked into a Studio Suite. 🙂

The bed was so big. I could have brought someone else or more along.

Went down to get some food. It was dark already and I didn’t dare to venture out alone in the dark for some cheap and nice food so what I did was settled at Coffeebean just next to the hotel . Then I was back to the hotel again to have a long hot bath and then reported to everyone that I’ve arrived safely and it’s time for bed.

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