The people in the office are very friendly. The one who is guiding me is a very nice lady. The one sitting next to me is a Sabahan too. She graduated from the same high school as me in Sandakan. Two years my senior but now happily married to a Penang guy with two kids.

She’s the kind of person whom you would like in an instant when you meet her. Very soft-spoken and very nice. You won’t believe that she’s married with two kids.

One customer really tested me when she was speaking in Hokkien. I didn’t want to tell her I can only understand the dialect and speak a word or two. I tried to speak to her in my broken Hokkien, as far as it could take me. It wasn’t so bad because I completely understood what she was saying and she understood what I was trying to say to.

What’s new is the word “zun” which means a ship in Hokkien.

Two of my colleagues in KL missed me I guess because they called to disturb me today.

“Who’s this on the line?”



I was wondering to myself, who this psycho is. The voice was so familiar, I guessed I knew who it was.

I mentioned her name and she laughed.

“Can you pass me to Ms.E?”


A few hours after that, I received another call.

“Who’s this on the line?”



Another psycho but I could recognise her voice as well.

I called out her name and she laughed out loud.

“Eh, actually I wanted to continue some more you know? But when you said my name, I cannot tahan already.”

Jahat! All like to kacau me!

5pm sharp. I left the office as soon as the taxi driver called up on my mobile. “I’m down here waiting for you already.”

This taxi driver is a very nice guy. See how many times the word “nice” has appeared in this entry?

We talked a little and he dropped me off at the gate nearest to the check in counter. He gave me a receipt which says “Forty Ringgit” but told me that he’s charging me “Thirty only”.

I’ve never met any taxi driver like that. Giving me a forty ringgit receipt so that I can claim it from my company but charging me ten ringgit less.

“If I happen to come to Penang again, I’ll call you!”

“Thank you for your support. It’s nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you too.”

I pulled my luggage out from the taxi and as I closed the door, he waved at me. I waved back.

Do you know what this is called? Excellent customer service.

I love Penang but I can’t wait to get back to KL, in which in KLIA the lady who was cleaning the toilet was singing to the tune of a Chinese oldies ???????? 🙂 . She sang very lovely.

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  • charlene says:

    Wah…Zun!!! (not ship in Hokkien…haha) I also want that kind of service. 10 more extra on the receipt!

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