The Car Alarm Conversation

We were having dinner outside. Someone else’s car alarm rang.

“That’s the most irritating sound ever!” An elderly man sitting two tables away exclaimed while looking at Pappy.

“Yes, I agree.” Pappy responded.

Iris and I looked at each other. Do they know each other?


Funny how the sound of a car alarm strikes a conversation which lasted the whole dinner.

They were exchanging conversations until the man decided to walk over to our table.

“Are you from Sabah?” He asked my sister.


“Are you from Sabah too?” He asked me.


My forehead must have read “I’m a Sabahan” today. I don’t know why he knows.

“Who are these two beautiful girls? Are they your daughters?”

“Eh…Hahaha. I don’t know. They can be my girlfriends also.”

“Eh, you better treat them good, you know?”

They continued talking and then Pappy said, “They are my daughters.”

The man looked at me and asked, “Is he really your father?”

“Yes.” I wanted to laugh so much already.

He looked at Iris and asked, “Is he really your father?”

Iris nods.

“Where are you working?”


“Good place to work?” Pappy asked him.


“Where are you working?”

“I’m studying.”

“Where are you studying?”


“That’s the best college!”

Don’t know true or not.

“Are you a Teo Chiew?” He asked Pappy. I tell you, this is scary.


“Teo Chiew girls are very pretty.”

He then talked about his sons, daughters and grandchildren. He is a blessed man indeed. And he was also talking about a dead man who happened to be one of his best friends. I think he misses the departure of his friend because he just couldn’t stop talking about him.

We left after that and I asked Pappy.

“Do you know him?”

“I don’t know him.”

“Then how comes he knows we are from Sabah?”

Pappy mumbled something I don’t know what exactly he said.

While I was driving away, I saw him walking over to another table. Perhaps starting another conversation.

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