The only time I’ll be outside of the office building is when I drive to work and when I drive back from work. So really, you won’t even see me hanging around outside of the building during any other times than the one mentioned since there is nowhere to go for lunch and I pack lunch to work everyday since the very first day we moved. Sometimes, I feel like I’m working in a prison, a very nice prison.

Surprisingly though, someone saw me and is able to recognise my face and is able to get my Friendster profile and he sent me this message, “Hi, do you work in xxxx xxxx? I think I’ve seen you before.”

I didn’t know what to say because it sounded a bit unbelievable due to the fact that he has only seen me once so I asked him where and when he spotted me.

He was actually attending an interview at a company of the next building and happened to pass by my company. I don’t recall seeing anyone besides people who works in the same office as me.

That’s not all. Before this happened, someone I didn’t know sent me this message, “Are you Grace? Are you staying in xxx xxx?” The address mentioned was my house in Sandakan.

“Yes, how do you know?”

“Because I saw your picture and I know the place.”

I presumed he is either staying near me or is very familiar with that housing area. He gave me his name but I don’t know him.

Gracie is being stalked!

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