“He’s the best boss anyone could ever have!”

A colleague exclaimed during lunch. I agree.

Many are walking over to my department to seek the truth. They feel sad but at the same time happy for him.

Now that I’m reading and replying emails, I don’t get to talk a lot. Not that I talk a lot under normal circumstances but if I were to be answering calls, I’ll get to talk. Now that I don’t get to talk that much, I feel so weird.

There will be people talking and joking around but I will just listen while concentrating on those emails, trying to figure what it is that it wants to say. When I think, I cannot talk. I’m glad that I’ll only be doing this for another 6 days because I cannot imagine myself just replying to emails. They are not nice to read and they are never-ending. Every minute you see emails flowing in.

The only time I enjoy now is lunch time when all my buddies will be there. One of them got to know that I’m unattached and she looked at me for so long, wondering whether I’m okay. Then, she started to lighten up and asked if I want to be introduced to someone because she has someone in mind.

I don’t want.

I’m not going to plan the structure of this entry so I’m merely writing as things pop into my mind.

Lunch buddies aside, I’ve got a toilet buddy.

“Grace, boleh tak you teman saya pergi toilet?”

Since then, we’ve been going to the toilet together. She will go with me when I really need to pee even when she doesn’t feel like peeing. I will go with her when she really needs a pee but I don’t have any pee left inside to pee.

Reason why we’re doing this is toilet is being renovated so we have to go to another toilet which is kind of isolated, which can be very scary.

Then, you’ll get to listen to stories of a car being stolen and that the office is haunted. Not nice.

Anyway, it’s Thursday night and I’m going out to the post office now!

Answering calls doesn’t make me go hungry that fast but reading and replying emails make me go hungry very fast and I feel a little faint right now.

I want to eat.

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