Change of Destination

I feel like as my expiry date gets nearer, I’m doing more and I’m doing things that I think is more difficult. One was assigned to me. A few others were assigned by customers. I had 3 issues today that was totally new to me. One of it was change of destination.

Although it’s a Monday which I thought would be blue, it turned out alright and I enjoyed the new things that I learnt.

After work, it was driving lesson time. Not for me but a colleague of mine. I am the driving instructor. I don’t know why she chose me though.

It was a scary experience indeed and I feel like I’m risking my life.

She’s got a valid driving license but have not been driving for like 6 years. She’s got a new car and would need to learn how to drive because Gracie has resigned and thus not working in the same office with her anymore and thus unable to pick her up and send her home.

The speed she’s going is less than 20 KPH. Whenever she turns into a junction, she takes more space than she should, cutting the other lane and then getting back to her lane. When she’s at a cross junction, she happily zoomed away without even looking if there’s cars coming. When I told her she needs to see if there is any car before turning, she said she didn’t know she had to. I was a bit speechless.

She doesn’t know how to steer the wheel when it’s in reverse mode. I would have to steer it for her. This one I can understand because I used to have a poor sense of coordination of which side to steer to, especially when more than one person is giving you instruction to turn, turn, turn. It’s easy but often made complicated by noises.

I don’t know how to teach her to become a better driver.

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