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I woke up today and I didn’t feel like going to work.

I want a break. Don’t ask me why I’m not taking one. If I have a choice I would but then situasi tidak mengizinkan.

I’ve accepted it and was doing alright in the new place. Colleagues are nice and helpful. I think I can work here.

Received a SMS in the morning from my toilet buddy.

“Grace, I miss you” she said and I felt a tinge of sadness in my heart. The tears are so tempted to visit the border of my eyes again but I didn’t let it.

I emailed to my ex company to report the first day of working here. I even told them in my email that I cried. Dah lah, certified ham bao. But then, I’ve never once cried in the office. I only cry at home, in the toilet, in the car and once in a cafe, which was the most embarassing moment for me and my entire family.

A colleague took me out for lunch.

Then, they had a meeting and I tagged along.

My new job has some similarities with my previous job. I will still have a phone but it will not ring all the time but only when there’s problem. Instead of taking care of people, I’m taking care of the systems now (but you could say I’m taking care of the people too because they are the ones using the systems).

I’m happy and thankful that they are willing to teach me from scratch. Today, even though I had nothing to do, I learned a thing or two.

Came home, watched a little bit of TV and wanted to go to bed but in came a call.

“Guess who’s this? I’m calling from Singapore!”

At first, I thought it’s one of my customers but then I remembered that I didn’t reveal my number so I thought again. A name came to my mind and I was right. It was him.

He’s an ex-colleague of mine, based in Singapore. We’ve never met. Have never spoken on the phone but I have always emailed him to do things for me and my customers.
And when people are helpful and are kind, I remember them. That was why, he was one of the recipients of my farewell message yesterday.

He told me today that he got a shock.

It’s really nice of him to call me, all the way from Singapore. I’m so very touched.

So, if you ask me if I ever regretted working in my old place, I would say no. The people, the people are just so very wonderful.

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