Do You Know

that someone, a fengshui sifu once predicted and read my life. It was said that if I don’t marry by 24, I would have no or little children.

I don’t like someone to read my life and certainly would not go looking for a fortune teller to tell me what lies ahead of me.

But I discovered this little piece of information (which is the only thing I remember out of the so many other things in the prediction) from Pappy’s email account, way back then, when I wasn’t even 20 yet.

I used to have Pappy’s password you see. He gave it to me because he wanted me to help him with something. And it was easy to remember because the password was about me. Sometimes it’s easy to tell who or what a person loves by looking at the passwords they choose from. Something or someone close to heart.

When I read it, I kept quiet and didn’t tell Pappy that I saw it. But Pappy suspected that I read it. It was just there for me to read so being the curious one, I read it.

“Did you read it?”


“I didn’t want you to read it but I know it couldn’t be avoided since it’s in the inbox and you had to help me check the mails.”

But I don’t want to get married by 24. I would want to get married of course. Become a mother. But it’s just not what I want now.

Why I don’t like my life to be read by someone is because what life would be if you know what’s going to happen to you the next minute?

It needs to be unfolded.

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