Milo Herbal Tea

Do you know what Milo Herbal Tea tastes like?

I was in SS2 yesterday for breakfast and ordered Iced Milo. Iris ordered liong cha and so did Pappy. Well, he wanted Chinese tea but the guy heard wrongly as liong cha.

When I was sipping my glass of milo, it tasted funny. Drinkable but funny. After a few more sips, I asked Iris if the liong cha she’s having is winter melon tea (dong gua liong cha).


I think some of the winter melon tea went into my glass of milo. I only managed to finish half glass of it.


I picked up a dead lizard from the floor.



It is a bloody hot day.

Pappy left KL today and I’m reading a book he brought from Jakarta. “Bule Gila – Tales of a Dutch Barman in Jakarta.”

Very interesting.

Suddenly, I feel like having Maggi Mee. Assam laksa flavour.


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