Tanggal 30 Bulan 8

“Eh!” Iris pointed to a guy who was sitting by himself eating a burger.

I saw him and smiled. He smiled back but was a bit hesitant.

So I thought of just smiled and walked away but then macam tak ada manners kan? So I went up and asked the stupidest question of all, “Are you working here?” (Even though I know he’s working in KL la!)

“Yes.” He nodded.

Then, he didn’t know what to say and I also didn’t know what to say and then I know why he didn’t know what to say because he doesn’t even remember or recognise or know who I am!

“I forgot your name.”



But I’m sure he still has no clue who I am.

I used to be a Girl Guide, and he, a scout. Sometimes we have joint activities together and so we get to know the boys a little bit more. He was one of them. I’ve never talked to him when we were in school because maklumlah saya pendiam, pembisu dan pemalu.

After that, I just waved good bye.

“Hahahahahhahahaa!” Iris laughed.

Malunya aku.

Made my way to the car park as quick as I can to collect my car from the car wash because the boss called me and said, “Lenglui, what time are you taking your car?”

Today’s the first time my car is being washed, vacuumed and waxed by someone else. All this while Gracie washes it.

Cut my hair too because it started to get very heavy like when I read or look down, a big chunk of hair will block my face. Each time I pay a visit to the saloon, the hairdresser would always comment that I have a lot of hair. And when they lay their hands on Iris’s head, they see much more hair.

So, most of the time, they like to cut away most of my hair so that it appears thin and not thick like a lion. Like today, I told the guy to trim my hair. What he did was he asked if he could cut my hair a little shorter so I said okay. Finally, he cut it shorter and a big chunk of my hair is gone because he cut some more inside inside. My head is lighter now but I’m not very sure if I’m going to like this haircut. That’s how I would feel after every haircut anyway.

Won’t want to write too long because I’m writing with my bathing towel over my head. There’s a bee flying in the room and it has been charging towards me twice and I’m running like a chicken in the room.

Hoping that I’ll get to see fireworks through the kitchen window later.

Sejahtera Malaysia.

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