Mummy is Here!

Clean. Clean. Clean.

Sneeze a little.

Wash. Wash. Wash.

Mopped floor twice!

Floor is so clean, you can even lick it. Tastes good too because it has got an apple taste to it.

Toilet bowl looking so cute. Pink colour. Cleaned it with Harpic Power Cleaning Gel with Bleach. Lemon Fresh Flavour. So cool right? And I think it does a really good job too.

Kitchen sink is shining. *blink blink*

Good bye old newspapers.

Mummy flew to KL today from Sandakan. Flew MAS because she had too many stuff with her. Air ticket one way cost about RM700. Think return tickets and I can already go tour Hong Kong. Overweight by 15 KG. Had to pay RM120 fine.

She practically brought the whole Sandakan.

But I like it!

Went down to help her with her luggage. When she came in the door, she gave me a box of chocolate.

“For you!”

So nice.

Went to pasar malam. I love to buy vegetables. I don’t know why. Especially when I see those nice leafy green veges that look so perfect. Those “fan shu yip” (Potato Leaves) looked so healthy. I took a bundle and commented, “So cute!”

Mummy said, we’ll get it.

I also love to look at carrots. They are so orange.

And I also like the fact that I can go “rub shoulders” with other pasar malam patrons.

Get to see Moo’s head. Ya, at the beef stall where they always hang the head of a cow. Poor Moo.

Passed by a cake stall.

Mummy said, “Don’t buy the cakes here. It sucks!”


Actually, yes it sucks.

Had tauhu bakar for the first time today. Quite nice.

Wanted to get apam balik and jagung, which are must-have items whenever I go to a pasar malam but today decided not to get any because Mummy is cooking. So I’ve got to save my stomach for Salted Vegetable Fish Head Soup, Steamed Chicken and Vege. And rice! I like to eat rice!

Tomorrow I’ll be sitting at home, waiting for the postman to come while Iris and Mummy will go out to get a small rice cooker to be brought over when Iris leaves. And some other stuff la. Waiting for the postman. Cos he’ll bring me the university’s offer letter for Iris.

Apparently, someone screwed things up and everything is delayed. So sometimes, it’s better not to deal with an agent but to deal with the person directly. Imagine someone issuing you an offer letter that means nothing. And Iris still has not book an accommodation because of that.

“I don’t know lah. It’s so complicated.” Imagine the agent telling you this. Might as well don’t need an agent right?

We had to sacrifice RM77 too for a Poslaju for a small piece of paper to UK because of the lousy agent. Cos time is running out.

This is supposed to be a lovely-dovey post.

So we’ll go back to the original.

Tomorrow I’m going to have cooking lessons with Mummy. Even though it’s not something that I can put into my resume under “Skills and Experience” but this is very important. It’s nice isn’t it if you can put “I can wash, clean, cook, iron” into your resume.

I’m sleeping with Mummy tonight. keke.

Good night!

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