The Wedding

Henry's Wedding

I like this picture! It looked like I was the one getting married. See me laughing so happily?

This is not the recent wedding I attended. This was taken in Singapore. My cousin brother, Henry’s wedding. But it was only during the recent wedding of my cousin sister, Alice, that my auntie passed me the picture.

Alice’s wedding in Muar was a kampung-style wedding. A tent built in the middle of the road, in front of the bride’s wooden house. It was fun for a change. There were karaoke sessions too. All her sisters sang and they can surely sing!

I’ve been marked to sing during the wedding dinner in KL (Groom’s hometown). Can I not sing? They have been reminding me about it on the wedding night and before I left Muar. The last time I sang in front of so many people was during Form 2. Lagu Melayu. The one before that was in church, Christmas Eve when I was 10, 11 or 12. Don’t remember.

I didn’t talk pretty much that night because everyone spoke Teo Chiew, which I could only understand but not speak the dialect. And also, I’m not very close to the relatives of my dad’s side, seeing that I was born and raised in Sandakan while the rest of them grew up in Muar.

It was a pleasant surprise to see cousins that I never knew I had. And what more, nephews and nieces, tons of them that I’ve never knew. Some are new borned, some are so tiny, some are all grown up. There are just so many of them. Dad has got 11 or 12 other siblings, that’s why.


Will you dance. Will you dance.
Take a chance on romance and a big surprise.

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