I like this song too. A song from the Taiwanese Hokkien drama series, “???“? A series I used to follow when I was unemployed. It is so good! Who introduced it to me? My mum! Now that I’m employed and working, I’ve got no time to watch it because when it is aired on the tv, I’ll be on the road, beating the jam. Now I come home every night to greet Buletin Utama on TV3 because I don’t even have the time to get a newspaper, except for The Sun, which I could get from the guard house but then today there wasn’t any Sun. So, it’s not so bright. Haha!

I’ve got a new friend today. Aku tengok dia macam tiada kawan so I kawan dia. =d>

Drove boss out for lunch today. So scared. Cos I’ve never drove a boss before. =d>

Someone mistakenly called my mobile number, looking for someone who is not me, Tracy. After telling him he dialed the wrong number, he asked for my name. And because I sounded too nice to someone who dialled a wrong number, he ended up calling me after that for 3 freaking times and I did not answer the phone because I couldn’t feel the phone vibrate.

When he called for the 4th time, I answered, wanting to tell him and remind him that he has got the wrong person. However, he started the conversation with, “Can I talk to the girl who is not Tracy?”

I was stupid to entertain him further. He told me it is not a prank call. (Made me think of hitz.fm in an instant because every morning I’ll be listening to prank calls on the radio. Thought I was made a victim! Heh!)He asked if he could meet me for dinner when he is in KL or do I have a site that we could exchange pictures.

I’m not comfortable in meeting strangers like that and don’t you think it’s a little too far stretching to be talking to someone for the first time and asking me things like that? Better so if he is reading this because I just want to say I’m sorry for not answering your call today even though you called for 3 freaking times again. You may be a nice person but I’ve got to be bad this time.

I hope you get to find your Tracy. I’m sure she’s much cuter than I am.

I don’t know if it’s a good choice to listen to traffic reports on the radio because it was reported yesterday that it was a standstill all the way from Puchong to Bandar Utama. A standstill for that long stretch of road is unimaginable. I decided to take a different highway, a road in which I’m not too sure of myself but decided to take it anyway. Before I knew it, I exited at the wrong highway and the sign says “Sungai Besi”.

I didn’t know what highway it is. I know I passed by Bandar Kinrara, then the roundabout at the Equestrian place, was jammed after the roundabout so I decided to take the left junction which I wasn’t sure where it would lead me to. Asal tak jam lah. I ended up somewhere near The Mines, find myself along Sungai Besi highway but in the wrong direction!!!

Trying to find a U-turn and U-turn doesn’t necessarily be on the right lane, sometimes, it’s on the left lane, a flyover U-turn so I drove on the middle lane. I suddenly caught sight of the God-sent U-turn and I had to cut queue for if I went straight, I’ll be going back to Putrajaya which is where I came from in the first place.

After that, I was on the right side of Sungai Besi highway. It was surprisingly smooth, except for a man who was walking in the dark on the left lane, towards the direction of the incoming cars. Crazy ah?

I wasn’t scared anymore because I know my way back. Hello Federal Highway. Hello Kerinchi Link and Hello Sprint Highway. Then, it was home sweet home.

That took me an hour and a half. No jam but it feels so long. I’m not sure to feel happy or sad.

And so, I was telling my friend about my adventure and he said, “Grace, adventure is meant for two people, not alone.”

And because of that I didn’t blog last night because I was very tired. Have to cook dinner when I got home. Wanted to cook Maggi so much because I was sooooo hungry but told myself to cook a proper meal, cook rice.

Early this morning, a friend said, “Grace, today no blog.”

Which is why I’m giving you a long one today so that tomorrow you’ll tell me, “Grace, today’s blog so long!”

My name is Crazy.





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