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I’ve uploaded 25 photos of Bali – Day 2. Scroll down to 7th Dec post, okay? Click on the coconut tree!

Almost met with an accident this morning while on my way to work. Happened before the cable bridge along LDP, where you can cut out to Federal Highway if you keep to your left. I was driving on the right lane. A Nissan Sunny was on the left lane next to me. Suddenly, this stupid Kancil, on the left lane (heading towards Federal Highway exit) zoomed out to Nissan Sunny’s lane. When I mean zoomed, it really zoomed like there’s no tomorrow. It’s okay if it zoomed if there is no car or car is still far away. The Nissan Sunny was practically next to it. Nissan Sunny had a shock, who wouldn’t? And to avoid stupid Kancil, it cut out to the right lane, in front of me. God, I braked like mad. Nissan Sunny sort of skidded a bit because it wanted to get back to its lane before I kiss its butt. I could see smoke coming out from the tyre…or something like that. I saw smoke that is. I am very surprised I didn’t at least kissed the Sunny because it was SOOOOOOOO near. Luckily Sunny was still moving or if it had stopped abruptly, you won’t see me anymore.

I was shocked also so I just honked. After that, while I drove on, my heart beated tak tentu arah.

At work. Ada kawan baru. We, gang of two, recruited new member for tea in the pantry today. So..maybe from today onwards, it’s teatime for three instead of two. She’s cute. Like budak kecik. Saiz also kecik. I feel so tall standing next to her. :))

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