I’ve been tired these few days. Maybe it’s because I have to think a little bit more now. Do more things now. Like I’ve got to think of what to eat tomorrow morning for breakfast, what to eat tomorrow night…Yeah, I have to think one night in advance so that I can prepare/plan whatever that’s there so that I can be sure I’m going to have dinner as soon as I get home. When Mummy was around, all I had to do was come back from work, sit down and eat.

I’ll get myself tuned soon, just need to get more sleep.

Workload is heavier now and it is getting a little bit more challenging too, which I like very much. Makes me want to go to work every morning to get things done. I like very much where I’m sitting at work now, sandwiched between two angels. When the butt is itchy, can go knock knock and peer head over to the next cubicle to ask question, to share ideas, to teach, to learn and to laugh silently, to say goodbye, to smile.

Ok, sleep.

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