1. I don’t know why I wrote what I wrote yesterday.

2. Since I’ve written it, it will remain written.

3. I don’t like my tummy today.

4. Or you could say my tummy doesn’t like me today.

5. I keep burping and farting and burping and farting.

6. And I went to the toilet several times today. And I think I’m going again soon.

7. I think the Mcdonald’s prosperity burger ad, the latest one, with the lion dance, is cute.

8. I don’t like it when a friend whom I’ve known for 7 years ask me when I’m going back to Kota Kinabalu.

9. That’s because I’m not from Kota Kinabalu. I’m from Sandakan.

10. Sandakan.

11. Someone at work has been asking me questions regarding work these few days and I’ve been helping her out.

12. Today she told me I can be a good team leader in the future.

13. I’m so very flattered.

14. I like helping people and I like it when people are not afraid to ask me the silliest questions.

15. Because I think when someone ask you a silly question, it has got to be someone you think you can count on, someone you can trust, someone who wouldn’t laugh at you, someone who wouldn’t shoo you away.

16. I know that because when I want to ask a silly question, I ask someone who’s not going to laugh at me. OK, maybe it’s ok to laugh if it’s funny but it’s not okay to jeer or ridicule.

17. Sometimes when a silly question is answered, it puts things into perspective.

18. I’m going to the toilet now.

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