Get Over It!

Now, I’m just going to accept the fact that I have LOST my lipstick and spectacles..even though in the tiny corner of my heart, I still hope I can find it again.

I went down to check on my mailbox and I have a Chinese New Year card and a CD with old, old, very old, Chinese New Year songs. It sort off made me forget about the whole lipstick thing for a while…and I’m listening to it now while writing this. Thank you my friend! Good luck with your SAP exam tomorrow.

I called Iris in Cardiff too because I just needed to talk to someone about my missing lipstick. So, sometimes that’s what sisters are for…to talk to when you have a missing lipstick, even if one is in Malaysia, the other in UK. It’s about the feelings that I needed to pour out to her, whether or not I’ll get my lipstick back.

In return, she told me she’s going to London to celebrate Chinese New Year and that she saw HALIBORANGE and felt like buying it for me. If you are old enough like me, you would know what HALIBORANGE is when you are a few years old. It’s an orange syrup thingy..something like Ribena but this is orange. My favourite drink when I was young and I don’t see it anymore now. So, I asked Iris to get one bottle and try to see if it’s the same HALIBORANGE.

Maybe..I should just forget about the lipstick and be happy that I’m going home, I have 6 working days off, friends who love me, a sister that I love.


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