From C to H

I don’t know when it is going to end. The’s showing me signs again.

Started the engine after work to find that the temperature gauge needle is sitting below C, which is not in its normal place. It should be in between C and H. Slowly, as I drove on, the needle went back to its normal place so I thought everything is back to normal.

It was raining and the road is congested with cars. Yeap, traffic jam. A bad one today. As I reached the toll, the temperature rose to H. That was scary! Can cry! Thought of pulling over but I was still stuck in a traffic jam and the first thing that came to my mind was – aircon.

I quickly turned off the aircon and the temperature went back to normal again…so I prayed hard that the car won’t explode and blow me into pieces. I almost suffocated to death too because I couldn’t wind down the window too much, as it was still drizzling and that I do not want any motorist to pull anything or pull me out of the car. And because the cars are moving so slowly, there wasn’t any breeze that could come in through the little gap of the car window.

I arrived home safely with normal temperature reading. I parked the car and tried switching on the aircon again. Within 3 minutes, the temperature rose again…so I really don’t know what is wrong. Wanted to check the coolant level, not that I know how but I’m going to try tomorrow morning because it was already dark and the engine is still very hot.

Will be driving to the service centre to get it checked again. I really hope I can get there in one piece without my car breaking down or whatsoever.

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