The Pursuit of Happyness

Woke up with a bad tummy and I was late to pick up a colleague.

Prayed to God so that He will make my shit to stay put while I was driving. Tummy can do whatever it wants when I get to the office.

Colleague bought me an egg tart for breakfast. Very nice.

Then, it rained. And the ceiling above me started to tear and there was a hole and rain water was sprinkling above me. It sips through the ceiling and then make a splash while it travels down to the carpet floor. Fantastic!

So I said to my colleague, “We now have a sprinkler in the office.”

“Ya ya ya. This sprinkler is special because it doesn’t sprinkle when there’s a fire but it sprinkles when there’s rain.”

I don’t know when the person in charge, whoever that is, will be coming to repair that piece of ceiling above me because we’ve already complained and now that finally the ceiling is torn and that water is actually dripping in. I hope they wouldn’t wait till Gracie is drown in her cubicle before someone decides to get it mended.

After work, it’s lunch and movie time with my hometown mate, who is also my schoolmate. Went to One Utama and was looking for a parking space when suddenly a man appeared and pointed me to his car.

“Grace, why do you always meet people like that?”

“I don’t know. I don’t always meet people like that. This is the second time. And the first time was in One Utama also. Wait, everytime it happens, it’s when I’m with you.”

“It’s always. The workshop guy who helped you after the accident is also considered one.”

I beamed with pride.

Went to SOHO for lunch. I just LOVE this place lor!

Watched The Pursuit of Happyness and I LOVED it also lor. After watching it, you will feel that nothing is impossible and that if you really want something and you are set in that direction to pursue it and work hard enough to get there, you will definitely get it lor!

Ok lor.

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