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Nokia 6300

Pappy was asking me what is the latest phone in the market. If you ask me, I don’t know. But I do know, of late, there’s this Nokia advertisement in the cinema. So I just told Pappy it’s Nokia 6300.

We went for movie last week and that Nokia ad was shown again.

“Is this the one?” He asked.

The other day, Pappy went to collect his phone at the Nokia Service Centre and he asked me which one is it that was shown in the advertisement we saw in the cinema. I pointed and showed him that phone model at the display.

And today…he came back with a new Nokia 6300. JUST FOR ME!

I wasn’t expecting him to buy one for me and if I had known, I would have stopped him from buying it for me. My Nokia 3230 is still workable and I love it. Actually, it kind of resembles Nokia 6300, just that 6300 is a little slimmer and looks sleek. And to date, I’ve never actually own a phone, as in paying with my own money. Which is why, I didn’t want Pappy to get me one because I’m a big girl already.

Well, I think I’m in love with this new 6300 too.

Pappy, he’s got 2 phones. Same number, different communication service provider, same phone model, different colour. One is white. One is pink. Yeah, pink! I still don’t understand why he needs two phones.

My pappy can be quite cute sometimes. At the front dashboard of my car, used to sit a toy frog which head came off due to the burning hot sun. Pappy didn’t like the sight of it. He threw it away and he said, “Bye bye” to the frog. I would have done the same thing too. I mean saying byebye.

“Grace, I’ll get you a dog.”

I thought and I thought.

“Pa, don’t need. I have a dog.”

Which explains why Patrick, the red dog is accompanying me in the car and he travels with me at least 76 kilometres per day. Not bad for a toy dog. keke

Anyway, I wanted to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) in the cinema with Pappy but he’s busy and he’s flying off tomorrow. He’s getting busier and busier. It was Pappy who introduced me to this TMNT thingy. I still remember the time when Pappy would bring Mummy, Iris and I to the now defunct, Rex Cinema in Sandakan to watch the ninja turtles. Pappy’s favourite character is the rat, Splinter. Hamato Yoshi.

There was this hype of the Ninja Turtles back then and Pappy bought me a t-shirt with a big Raphael on it. I didn’t display any affection towards the ninja turtles to the point where Pappy had to get me a t-shirt but since he got that t-shirt for me, it became one of my favourite t-shirts back then.

It felt like… Heroes in a half-shell. Turtle power!

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