Woke up at 8 to have breakfast with Pappy.

Then, I had to accompany to meet a friend of his, for some money-earning opportunity. His friend was late and I was sitting there waiting, while reading The Sunday Star till I got so sleepy! His friend came but he spoke so softly that I couldn’t even hear what they were talking about. Or maybe…I was too focused on reading the papers. But then again, it was a really silent conversation.

Like whispering….

hello hello. can u hear me? keke

Helped Pappy to carry his luggage downstairs while waited for the taxi to come. Wanted to send Pappy to the airport but he doesn’t allow me to.

“It’s too far”, he said.

But then you know, that’s how far I drive to work every morning.

Slept on the sofa after seeing Pappy off. Just 30 minutes but it did magic.

After that, it was laundry, throwing things away, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, changing bed sheets, washing the toilet, throwing more things away. You have no idea how much expired food I have in the house. Some are stuff from the previous Chinese New Year, things you get in a hamper and you think you’ll going to eat them. But you end up not eating them.

Survived a day without him calling me. Don’t know when I can see him again.

It’s time for bed and I have to work my ass off tomorrow.

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