That Time of The Month

Why is it that when it is that time of the month, your pimple suddenly disappear and you look a little more prettier than the other days? When that time of the month is approaching, you feel symptoms, like your stomach gets bloated and you think you are fat but you’re not fat, it’s just that the stomach is bloated. But lately, I “see” a symptom, which is no more pimples and the face actually glows. I don’t remember reading anywhere that this happens.

So maybe the next time when I wake up to a pimple-less face, I must know the pipe is going to burst anytime soon.

It’s like everything bad and dirty flows out from the face as well. And when the pipe runs dry, the face accummulates all the bad stuff again to build pimples.

The thing is that even though there is this pimple-less period, it doesn’t really come at a very good timing. When it is that time of the month, it is tiring. Even though you’ve had enough sleep, it still feels like you’ve missed a good few hours of sleep. It’s tiring.

When you look tired, then you don’t look pretty so…I think it’s still the same.

And maybe now that it is that time of the month, it explains why I suddenly got so emotional and lonely the night before.

PMS is very scary. But don’t worry, most of the time, I will not bark or shout at someone, unless you’re asking for it. I will just suffer in silence. I prefer it that way.

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