It is so different when you have a company in the house, especially so if it’s Mummy.

She came yesterday and I’m overjoyed! So much so that I actually woke up at 5:45am automatically yesterday. I have no idea why. Today I woke up at 6am automatically too, which is why I’m feeling a little tired now. I’ve been getting to work earlier now because I want to get home early to accompany Mummy and to see what she’s cooking.

So…I’ve got someone to “play” with now.

“Mummy, do I look pretty?”

Mummy inspected my face.

“Ya hor. Like a bit prettier. The pimples are cleared. Not as many as before.”

“Really ah?”



“Mummy, look at this purple rabbit. Don’t you think it’s cute?”

Mummy inspected the rabbit.

I have a soft toy purple rabbit, a tissue holder to be exact. A girlfriend gave it to me. My camera is not taking good pictures now. So when I have a camera that is taking good pictures, I’ll show you my purple rabbit.

“Hmm..ya hor. Quite cute also. It looks like you.”

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