Graduation Day at Cardiff University

I’ll be posting journals of my holiday in July. I’m starting with the 3rd day which is 18th July instead of the 1st day on the 16th because I wanted to show you some pictures. 🙂 See link at the end of this post. It would be quite difficult to recall everything and write it down. I am relying on the short notes that I jotted down throughout the journey.

This will remain a sticky post until I post another new entry so that it’ll be easier for you. No need to scroll back to July to read this.


18 July 2007

Woke up at 6:30am today even though I’m not the one who’s graduating. I’m just excited!

Today is not a very good day to have period. I just hope that I will not be in pain later because I want to look pretty in my sister’s graduation picture shoot. I can look ugly for the rest of the days to come but I must look pretty today.

Mum cooked breakfast and we had “mee hoon kueh”… or you call it Pan Mee. Mum calls it “mee hoon kueh”.

We went to the Student’s Union for robing and photography session. I must say everything was very organised and the people were efficient. Everything was done in a short while. After the photography session, we went to St. David’s Hall for the graduation ceremony.

Each graduant is only allowed two tickets, which means only my parents are able to enter the hall and I’d have to wait outside. Iris managed to get a last minute ticket as one of her friends’ extra guest will not be attending the ceremony. I didn’t get to sit with my parents as I was seated at another part of the hall…but it’s fine. I’m in.

As soon as the graduation ceremony ended, we headed to the university’s main building for the reception. There were finger food available, along with strawberries and champagne.

We had a stroll in Bute Park before Iris returned her graduation robe. We then had dinner at Chiquito. A Mexican restaurant.

Congratulations to Iris who now has a degree in Law. She graduated with Second Class Upper Division. I am very proud of her!

More photos here.

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