Jet Lag

…is not a very nice thing, something of which I’m suffering from now. I slept at 11 something and am now awake by 1 something. It felt like I’ve slept for the whole night when in actual fact, it has only been 2 hours. And I’m working tomorrow! How nice!

Slept the minute I got on the plane which is around 10 pm London time and 6 am Malaysian time. Woke up 3-4 hours after that and tried to keep myself awake by watching movies. Watched Anna and the King and Blades of Glory. In between that, I think I dozed off a little.

Meal served onboard this time around wasn’t nice. I had beef curry with rice and then omelette with chicken sausage. I didn’t finish any of them so I was quite hungry. But I’d rather be hungry than to eat. I just didn’t had the appetite.

Flew with Malaysia Airlines and the landing was perfect. So smooth. I cannot even believe we landed. We were seated at the tail of the plane. Row 62.

Having been abroad for 2 weeks, I miss home a lot. And I’ve come to discover that Malaysia is such a lovely place though things may not be perfect. I have had enough of Western food and will be indulging in nasi lemak, prawn mee and RICE! KLIA is indeed a superb airport as compared to London Heathrow Airport Termina 3, in terms of space, design, ambience. The 100ml liquid/gel restriction was fine with me. But I just don’t get the logic of the 1 bag only rule. When you get through the security check, you can only carry ONE hand luggage. Ladies’ handbags are considered as a hand luggage so you either carry a luggage or just your handbag. If you’re carrying a laptop, which is the case for my sister, she could only carry her laptop bag with her and the laptop has to be out of the bag and carried with your hands. Her handbag has to go into the laptop bag.

Then, you’ve got to get your shoes scanned.

After security check, you can have as many bags as you want. I had my handbag into Pappy’s hand luggage as I had another hand luggage to carry. So I transformed from holding just one bag to two. Seriously, what is the point of having 1 bag only policy?

Anyway, it was all part for the experience. I’m happy that I’m home and though it would be a very tiring day at work tomorrow (judging by the fact that it’s already 2 am now and I’m not sure if I can get back to sleep), I can’t wait to be at my work desk.

It’s Wednesday but it feels like Monday to me!

You have a good day!

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