Security Guards

The management of the place that I’m staying has decided to change the current security guards to that of another company. So, from today onwards, all the familiar faces that I get to see everyday will be replaced with new ones.

It feels a little strange.

There are a few guards that recognises me even though I’ve never spoken to them before. They recognise me by my car and my face. And each time I go in and out of the apartment, I’ll just put my hand up, just as a gesture to say hello or greet. A few of them always respond with a smile and it’s nice.

There is one particular guard who would sometimes pass me The Sun newspaper if it’s still available in the morning when I leave for work. One day he stood in front of the guard house so I didn’t see him sitting inside the guard house. As I pass through the gate and was having my car window winded up, he shouted a hearty “Good Morning”. It was funny because my car has already passed the guard house and my car window half winded up, but because he shouted so loud, I was still able to hear him.

It was a good morning for me.

It feels a little strange…because I think I will miss them.

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