Today is not a very good day at work for me. I don’t know if I am morphing into a less loveable creature because lately I noticed that my temper is getting shorter. I don’t roar or clench my fist. I would still try to appear calm but inside me, it feels like my blood is boiling. My face can be an open-book sometimes when I’m really annoyed, it shows. No matter how I try to cover it, it still shows somehow. Best described as “it looks like shit”.

And it’s during times like these that I need to talk/rant/express about it in an instant. So, I go hunting for victims that are online on Windows Live Messenger and pour it all out to them. Coming to think of it, having at least one friend to listen to your cries and unhappiness is something to be happy about. I was then half-cured.

Went to watch Ratatouille with pretty sis and super mom after work, which then cured me fully. Remy, the mouse below, is very cute!


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