Combing the hair in the car isn’t really an eye-opener as what I’ve written yesterday…because this morning I actually saw a lady who was combing and tying her hair into a ponytail. Ta da!!

And when I was driving back from work, a car was coming out from a junction and even seeing my car being next to his/her car, he/she still drove nearer towards my car, almost sticking to my car. And he/she won’t even move away when I blared the horn twice. So I had to cleverly and swiftly manoeuvre to the right, cutting half into the right lane before I changed lanes and got back to the left. It almost gave me a heart attack because my heart was beating incorrectly after that.

After that, there were a few more crazy drivers so I asked my colleague on board, “What is wrong today?”

It is now 9:17 pm and I’m going to bed after I wash up. I just feel very tired today. At times, I feel that the challenging part of my daily working life (for now) is not really work, but the part when it comes to driving.

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