Pavilion KL

Pappy is here again and we went to the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur today. Wanted to drive up to Jalan Imbi after passing Times Square but there was a road closure so all traffic was diverted to go through Sungei Wang. And because I’m not very familiar with the roads there, I parked at Bukit Bintang Plaza and then took a walk to Pavilion, which isn’t very far away.

We got free shopping directory and bottled water from the concierge. We then went to Yo! Sushi for lunch. It was until I saw the menu that I remembered patronizing this Japanese restaurant before and it was in London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3. It tasted very good when we were there in London Airport because we hadn’t had Japanese food for quite some time (especially so for Iris who has not had Japanese food for almost a year…so everything tasted very good.) It was actually the last Asian food we had before boarding the plane back to Malaysia.

Yo! Sushi serves unlimited miso soup and green tea. Miso soup is RM5 per bowl. Green tea is also priced at RM5 per glass. So what we need was to order a bowl of miso soup and a glass of green tea to be shared by all (since it can be refilled anyway). Imagine ordering 3 bowls of miso soup and 3 glasses of green tea, that would costs us RM30.

The food is okay. Can be a little pricey. I don’t recall seeing any set meals in the menu, all of them come in small plates. I still prefer Sakae Sushi.

We didn’t walk the whole Pavilion as Pappy doesn’t really like to go jalan-jalan like that in a shopping mall so most of the time, it’s just lunch or dinner, walk for a while and it’s time to head home. So when both my parents are around, I got to fit in to their schedules, requirements and taste buds. Sometimes it’s not all rosy, which would bring me to tell you about another saga in my next entry.

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