I’m back to normal and that’s because I’m back to work. When I’m at work, I’m surrounded with people so when I have people around me, I am okay. And I mean people around that I can talk to. I love this neighbour of mine at work, she has said this for a few times today, “Grace, come let’s talk”, “Grace, I’m lazy, let’s talk”, “Grace, I don’t feel like working, talk to me”. heehehe

Today I have been combing my hair for many times and that’s because I was a little uncomfortable with the hairdresser’s comment that he thinks I don’t comb my hair enough because he finds broken hair hidden inside my layer of hair. I on the other hand think that it’s just my hair that is dropping. I comb every morning when I wake up, after I come back home from work and bathed and before I go to bed. I comb at a minimum of 3 times a day. Maybe that is not enough?

I cooked dinner tonight. Recipe: Steamed tofu with dried prawns and fried onions.

The tofu was okay. The dried prawns was okay. The fried onions were pre-fried by my mum before she went back so it’s okay. It was the gravy that wasn’t that okay. Bearable but needs to be improved. It is not tasty enough so I told Mum about it when I called her just now.

A short comparison of how I did it and how my mum would have did it:

My Way

Remove tofu from the small white box (I have not been able to remove it as one piece nicely, it came out as two pieces and then a lot more small pieces just now. This I need to practise.) and placed it onto the plate. Fried the dried prawns till it’s crunchy. The nicest part of me cooking this tonight is not because I wanted to eat tofu, but because I wanted to eat the dried prawns. It would be nicer if it’s minced and punched but I’ve got no time to do all this mincing and punching.

Then I sprinkled the dried prawns above and around the tofu, followed by the fried onions (the one where you fry till it gives you a brown colour). Lastly, I poured in some soya sauce and added a little water to it. I did it this way because that’s how I do it when I steam fish and the gravy actually tasted okay. Steam it and ta da!!!

Her Way

Boil tofu in hot water, take it out and leave it on the plate. Considering that if there is no pre-fried onions, fry the onions and half way through it, pour in the dried prawns and fry it together. The onions takes a longer time to turn brown than for the dried prawns to turn to a solid orange so you don’t fry them together at the same time. Pour some soya sauce into the mixture of dried prawns and fried onions and then pour all of them together on the tofu. No need to steam anymore and ta da!!!

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