He Came!

I already made up my mind not to call him today because I didn’t want to get upset. So I didn’t and I was happily cooking late lunch when he called. He asked if I’ve eaten. I told him I was cooking. He asked if I have started cooking or I was cooking. I said I was cooking. I asked him why. He said he’s not eaten and said nevermind. How could I just let him go with a nevermind? I said I will eat with him.

Anyway, he packed lunch and we ate together. My steamed egg today was nearly a disaster. I was too confident and I put in too much water, so much that I got to scoop it out half way through the steaming because it just didn’t seem to want to cook. You may not understand what I’m talking about…but when I took it out to the living room to join him with his packed chicken rice lunch, he looked at the steam egg with much disgust and asked me what it is.

I told him this is an ugly steamed egg.

And because I put too much water, there isn’t much taste to it. He shared with me some of his chicken while I ate my steamed egg. He was then scooping the steamed the egg and eating it. I thought he would have called it quits with the first bite. But he took a little bit more after that and I asked him why he was taking some more when he said it looks disgusting.

It actually tastes quite good after a few more bites, said he.


But then, the next time I must produce pretty steamed egg. Please lah, Grace, no more too much water. It’s not like the eggs are thirsty!

When he went back just now at 8:30pm for work, yeah, on a Saturday night, I suddenly feel lost. Happens all the time. You know when you don’t meet for a very long time and then you get to meet and then you say goodbye till you meet the next time, the sudden feeling of loneliness is quite strong. I think I have said I’m feeling lonely for the past one week for many times but then I am and I don’t want to deny it. And because I didn’t want to end up being cranky and all, I quickly took my hula-hoop and hooped for 10 minutes.

And now I’m going to bathe and then I’m going to watch Jewel in the Palace on Wah Lai Toi. A Korean series showing 2 episodes back to back on Saturday and Sunday nights, which is so nice to watch that I MUST watch. Then I’ll be on the bed sleeping and I guess I should be alright.

My plans today was to clean the house but since he came, I didn’t. Maybe that would be what I should do tomorrow.

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