I Need Him to be Safe #2

After crying a bucket, I went to bed. Made a silent prayer while hugging Ducky that he’ll be alright.

I woke up at about 2am. It got me thinking about it again. Shortly after that at 2 something in the morning, he smsed me. And that’s because I SMSed him, telling him he MUST message me when he reached.

I called him immediately after receiving his sms and he must be shocked to find that I’m still awake.

“Where are you?”

“At home.”

“At home?”

Trust me, I almost wanted to faint.

“At my auntie’s house.”

“You have an auntie in Penang?”

“No, I’m in Ipoh.”

Almost wanted to pengsan really but I was actually glad that he’s in Ipoh.

“What was a 2 hour journey actually took me 4 hours because I was sleeping and driving. I’m so tired and so I have to stay in Ipoh before I drive again tomorrow morning.”

At least, he still knows what he’s doing and that there are limitation to certain things like how your body is designed to have enough of rest and not to exert it too much.

After hanging up, I cried some more. Just a little. They are called the tears of relief.

This morning at work, he called and I scolded him nicely. And I mean nicely because you know what? I can scold everyone else but I just don’t know how to scold him. So I went about telling him not to do this crazy stunt anymore. I also told him I was scared and worried sick…it made me cry. He was a little surprised really that I cried. But I don’t care whether he thinks I’m silly or whatever it is, I must let him know that I was indeed worried.

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