Jam and More Jam

Last night, it took me 2 hours to get home. It was crappy really. With the rain and the traffic jam, it felt like I was waiting endlessly. I reached home, feeling crappy and had crappy dinner.

This morning, it’s back to the same thing. I was late for work and it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the office. Why? Just after Sunway toll, there was a horrible jam. It took me close to an hour just to get from IOI mall towards Tractors Malaysia Puchong. There was a lorry carrying glass products. I cannot make out what it is actually. It look like those Chinese tea transparent glasses. Some of the boxes tumbled down from the lorry and glasses were strewn on all lanes of the highway. People were sweeping the rubble of glasses away and we had to just drive pass those tiny pieces of glasses which by then looked like white dust on the road. I was afraid I would get a tyre puncture.

That is really dangerous. I hope no one and no cars or motorcycles was involved in that accident. I think when you transport glass products, you should transport it in a covered container. Not like the lorry just now who just stacked up all the boxes on an open-covered lorry.

And with that, I had to work late to replace the lost hours and tonight I’m just going to have a hot milo. No dinner. Too tired to cook. Last night’s dinner was Korean noodles and I don’t think I would like to have another meal of instant noodles tonight.

I will treat myself to a good meal tomorrow instead.

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