Oats for Breakfast

That sad looking packet of organic oats on the kitchen table is going to be really happy tomorrow. Because I’m finally going to eat it, have it as breakfast. I have not really been eating proper breakfast. Sometimes when I’m at the bakery, I’ll just grab some bread and have it as breakfast. But I don’t always visit the bread shop and so when I don’t, usually I will not eat anything but just myself a cup of milo kosong.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be oats. Maybe the day after. Everyday perhaps. 🙂

Going to make the oat drink in the office because there’s Milo over there. This is what my mum used to make for me when I was still schooling. Oats with milo. Oats isn’t really my favourite food. It’s boring food I must say. But boring food are healthy.

It’s funny how you hate eating vegetables when you are a kid. My parents have tried every possible way to make me and my sister eat vegetables but we just don’t like it. The turning point between hating and loving vegetables was when a Japanese friend of Pappy told me over steamboat, while cupping out the boiled tofu with the ladle, that eating tofu is good for the skin, makes it smooth and makes me look beautiful. I was immediately enlightened.

From then on, he always tells me to eat vegetables. Vegetables is good for you. Eating vegetables make you look beautiful. He goes on and on and repeats it everytime my parents bring us out for dinner with him.

I was slowly brainwashed.

I used to hate brinjal, bitter gourd and beansprout. Now, I love brinjal and I love bittergourd. I still don’t love beansprout but I eat it. I don’t like bananas but I eat it. I don’t know why. I just am not into bananas.

Today’s a tiring day at work. Been reaching early and leaving later. Will be repeating this till Thursday. Friday, I’m going to have my face washed by someone else. Excited! Saturday, I’m going to get my hair cut. I mean cut. As in SHORT. Yeah, I don’t know how I’m going to look like after this. I have not had my hair cut so short for like 10 over years. It’s going to take a while for the effect to sink in. I don’t know if I’d scream in horror upon looking at my short hair….but this is what I’m going to do.

I’ve already grown my hair till it reaches the breasts so my wish has been fulfiled. I’m contented so now the hair has to go. It has to be cut short. My hair’s dropping a lot now and have long hair isn’t going to help. I’m both excited and worried actually but I’ll hope for the best. I hope I’ll like my new hairstyle this Saturday.

I’m not going to tell him about me cutting my hair short. He has been away for 2 months so when he sees me when he comes back, I should be in short hair already and I want to see if he still recognises me. Yea, I know..I’m talking nonsense again.

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