As the News Spread

People ask me more questions.

If what I did was really what I did.

Oh, then they start telling you about how they know what you’ll be doing in your new job, which isn’t entire accurate.

And then they start telling me about the most horrible traffic jam I’ll ever encounter.

The one thing that pisses me off a lot is ..the only one thing they would ask me before they asked the other questions, “What about him? How is he going to come to work?”

For those who don’t know, I have a colleague whom I send to work and send him back home after work. Maybe people don’t mean what they mean when they ask me that question or comment something on that issue. But when you are being asked a few times on the same question, you can’t help but to think if these people understand that I’m not obliged to send him. I do not work in my current company to send him to work and back home. And I certainly cannot be staying in this company until he gets a new job and then only I get a new job and quit..then by then no one will ask me, “What’s going to happen to him?”

I have been car-less as well during the times when I just started working and I went to work by taxi on the first day. Lucky for me, I met a colleague (now my ex-colleague) who happens to stay in the same neighbourhood as me. You have no idea how thankful I was to her and to God for making all this possible.

A few months after that, I was with a car and we car-pooled. Then from 2 of us, it grew to 3. Another ex-colleague also stayed nearby but she doesn’t drive so that makes the 2 of us taking turns to drive and all 3 of us would car pool.

Then, I resigned from that job as well and it was back to just two of them.

The first thing that ex-colleague said to that ex-colleague of mine who sent me to work during my car-less days when she knew about her resignation, wasn’t “Congratulations” but “HOW AM I GOING TO WORK?”

Sometimes I just don’t understand why some people can be so insensitive. Maybe she is thankful but when you execute your words like that, it feels hard on the other person you know?

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