I Want to Ride My Bicycle

On a jolly Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:30am to prepare for my cycling trip. Do you know how long I’ve never touched a bicycle? More than 10 years… so long that I was a little worried if I would have forgotten of how to ride one. But then, I thought when you know to do something, the basics or foundation should always be there. After all, it’s about balancing!

Picked up my colleague at the LRT station at 7:30am but he was late by 10 minutes. But it was okay because we reached Shah Alam on time at 8am to have breakfast at the mamak with another colleague, and ex-colleagues of my colleague. That would make the 5 of us. At 8:30am, we departed for Taman Pertanian Malaysia Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam. Reached there about 9am and there were already a lot of people renting the bicycles.

The old bicycle costs RM3 per hour and RM1 every subsequent hour after that. The new ones cost RM5 for the first hour and RM1 every subsequent hour following it. We hired the new ones and were off to go. There are 2 routes that you can actually take, one towards the left from the bicycle renting place and the other towards the right. We took the left route which turned out to be more challenging than the right one. We only knew this after we’ve finished cycling.

I never knew a bicycle has a gear. Yup, for as long as I remember, my previous “girly” bicycle didn’t have a gear so when my colleague was asking me to adjust my gear as I go uphill, I didn’t know what he was talking about. The route was uphill and downhill on the way. Winding and quite steep, at least for me. I’ve never rode on a winding and hilly road like that. It actually took some guts to actually release myself when I cycled downhill. It was fun but it also felt dangerous, which I think what made it felt fun. Ahahah!

I had a colleague who was always behind me because I think he knows I’m vulnerable. hehe. And he had the privilege to see me almost falling into the drain while going downhill. I didn’t dare to zoom downhill and I was always slightly braking a little and releasing it was I cycle downwards but another colleague was telling me to just let go and not to be too afraid.

I decided to give it a try but suddenly it seemed too fast for me and I started to panicked and I braked harder than usual and I lost balance and I was trying very hard to keep balancing down that winding road and at a point of time, I was telling myself I was going to fall and die. Haha. I was about an inch away from falling into the drain. I know it sounds dramatic but it was dramatic. It was that close. Luckily my legs were long enough and the bicycle seat wasn’t too high and I managed to get on the ground on my foot before the brakes could do me justice.

After that, I swore I want to go slower. Don’t care if the rest is a lot faster than I am. The thing is that the routes are not only passable by bicycles. There are buses, motorcycles and cars passing through sometimes. Whenever I see a bus coming, I would stop immediately. God knows what I’ll do, cycle towards the middle of the road when I couldn’t really balance while I panic at the sight of the bus. I just wasn’t too confident but I wasn’t giving up just yet. Given another chance, I think I’d cycle better!!

We passed by Skytrex Adventure Park and saw a little boy doing the “flying fox”. He was doing it all by himself at the kids section of the adventure park. Awesome! And I think it’s great that his parents are bringing him to participate in such activities. It is good for instilling the courage, independence and leadership in him at such a young age. It was nice to see the little boy trying very carefully to do everything he was asked to do while his parents cheered on to him.

We then headed back to the other direction and passing by Taman Haiwan where we met a parrot, a few horses, burung Tiong, some deers ( I like them because they are so tame), two bunnies, geese, a water buffalo and very cute porcupines. Yes, I don’t know why but they actually look cute up close, minus the spikes. They are always sniffing, like rabbits.

Then, we headed to Rumah Empat Musim which isn’t really a house with 4 seasons at a time. It’s a house with one season at a time, with Spring being the season when we went. It’s RM3 per entry. I think coming here once is enough.

It was already 12 noon and before we knew it we had been cycling for about 3 hours. We headed back to Glenmarie for some delicious curry mee. I’ve worked in that area for a few months but I’ve never knew there were Chinese stalls there. How sad. But I guess it wouldn’t have made a difference since I always go for lunch with my Malay colleague, which meant only halal food. At least if I’m stuck in Glenmarie, I know where to look for food now.

I came home with sore legs and a sore butt. Trust me, it is so painful, especially for someone like me who hardly exercise. I looked high and low for my Yoko-Yoko. It helped to relieve the pain after a few application. But the butt still hurts even when I sit on the toilet bowl. I couldn’t put yoko-yoko up that area, for fear that I would have a stinging butt with the after effect and sensation of yoko yoko.

But you know what? I HAD FUN. I ENJOYED MY CYCLING TRIP. If you ever want to go cycling, LOOK FOR ME!

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