I Can Sing a Rainbow

I was still recovering from my state of gloominess over what happened yesterday that I looked very mad according to my colleague whom I picked up this morning. He dare not even talk to me upon seeing my face. I didn’t know I looked so fierce but I slowly started to perk up a little when I saw a huge rainbow just after the Sunway toll which was still shining right up till I took a left exit further up towards Puchong. I take this as a good sign.

It was very cold in the office because I have forgotten to take the jacket with me for 2 days in a row. And because I was cold, I got hungry very fast which isn’t helping really.

Breakfast: Sponge cake brought by colleague and a glass of milo mixed with Nestum.

Apply lip balm.

Lunch: Oatmeal.

Apply lip balm.

Apply lip balm.

Apply lip balm.

Tea: A glass of Milo mixed with Nestum. Then, someone opened up a packet of Twisties and he shared it with other colleagues, when that packet of Twisties came to me, he said I was only allowed to smell it. Which I did with all my might. Hahahaa

Apply lip balm.

Apply lip balm.

Dinner: Steamed egg with fried onion. Nice!

Dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream. This is a reward to myself for sticking to the no-meat 3 days diet. I think I’m going to extend this myself for a week, until I see the dentist again this Saturday.

I’m thinking of making mashed potatoes but it would take at least 30 minutes because I’m doing this for the first time. If I can get up early tomorrow, I’ll make this for lunch.

And now, please excuse me while I go dice a pear. I’ve not been eating fruits since I got the braces.

Oh, noticed the number of times I apply lip balm? The lips can get exceptionally dry now that I have braces So I got to make sure I drink enough water and that I reapply lip balm to my lips every now and then. When I sleep at night and can’t afford to wake up every hour to apply lip balm, I let Vaseline Lip Therapy to do the job. Tell you, it’s fantastic! It contains petroleum jelly and I applied it the very first time last night. When I woke up this morning, my lips was still full of moisture. My lips also appear thicker now because of the pouting I guess since I need to extend my lips, protude it to cover my mouth.

Oklah, the pear is calling me.

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