Mashed Potatoes

There are many cars on the road today than usual. And when I was picking up my colleague at Kelana Jaya LRT Station, the parking was already full by 8:15am. Scary you know? Because it wasn’t like this before this. I guess more people are utilising the public transport since the hike in fuel prices.

Traffic jam along LDP was horrible today. Started in Puchong, right up till the direction towards Kepong. 2 accidents. 2 stalled cars. So bayangkan lah.

By the time I reach home at around 8:30pm, I was thinking whether to make mashed potatoes as planned or go for instant soup or porridge. Decided to stick with my original plan and today’s the first time I actually made mashed potatoes and it’s not bad. ahhahaa.

I only make do with one potato, butter, salt and pepper. Some people add milk or cream to make it smooth and fluffy but I don’t have the two ingredients at home so I skipped using those. But nevertheless, my potato tasted fine so I guess I can just stick to my own recipe. After all, nobody else is eating but me.

For the first time ever since I’m with the braces, I actually feel full after finishing a bowl of mashed potatoes.

With that, my lunch at the office tomorrow will be mashed potatoes. Need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare.

I’ll be leaving the current workplace exactly one week from today. So far no sad feelings yet but I have something that I was made to do before I leave. So, I’ll try my level best to do and give my very last shot.

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