Another Visit to the Dentist

Went to the dentist again today. It has been a week since I put on braces. It was just a normal check-up and I was given a transparent rubber thing, to cover the brackets when I sleep because he can see that it might hurt as the lower jaw is pressing the mouth thus leaving a mark. I have one ulcer so far. It doesn’t hurt that much during the day. However, when I sleep, one of the brackets will poke it thus causing a little pain but I’ve got the wax provided to cover the brackets that would act as a wall to prevent the friction.

Doctor advised me not to use the transparent rubber thingy if I can because it would hinder the braces from going its way. I think I can do away with that. I’ll just use the wax that he gave me.

I’ll be meeting the doctor in another month. He showed me the X-ray of my teeth today and also the side view of it. My upper jaw is indeed protruding as compared to the lower jaw. I think I look like a goat. Any extraction will be done after 6 months, seeing how my teeth would progress. He even suggested implant for one tooth at the lower jaw. Talking about it, I feel sad over the missing of my teeth due to another dentist that sacrificed it so that he could extract another tooth easily. It wasn’t necessary you know..and I just lost a tooth like that. So now I have more teeth on the upper jaw than the lower so it’s a bit unbalanced now. My current dentist will try to move the teeth of my lower jaw to the back as much as possible to cover the empty slot now or see how it progresses…or like he said I might need to implant another tooth. Cannot imagine how it’ll be like because it would involve screws. Eeew!

Before I left, the dentist even complimented that I keep my teeth very clean. 😀 I’ll keep up the good work.

Been listening to some Thai songs on the radio lately and they were interviewing a Thai singer and for curiosity sake, I searched up the album and now I am in love with Aof Pongsak, a Thai artist. There are a few others like Oak Smith and Bie. But at the mean time, let me mesmerise myself in Aof Pongsak’s voice.

Below is a song I’ve been playing for the whole day. Don’t know what it means. Don’t know what the video really means but I know it’s a sad song and a sad clip. And a very nice song.

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